Subject: Resort atmosphere (was -- Re: New to list - May Vacation)
At 11:16 AM 3/15/00 -0800, Amelia Meyer-Hesson wrote:
>I have been to several All-inclusive resorts in Mexico ( Club Med Playa
>Blanca, Hualtulco) and they can be very fun if you are looking for a lot
>of recreational sports and crafts and things like that.

Hm, I'm not really sure. My husband and I were hoping that this would be a fun, but also romantic vacation, and a lot of what you described sounds like they would involve spending time in large groups. Not sure how romantic that is...

>(they obnoxiously enlist you into all sorts of games and group activities
>so be prepared).

I think that would bug me. You don't *have* to participate, do you? Jeez... I'm having camp flashbacks! lol.

>They provide you with all your meals and always have several different
>restaurants that you can eat at. There is endless beer and wine and
>often group dinner seating so you shoudl be prepared to be with people that
>you may or may not like.

Amelia, thanks for all of this information that you provided!

Re. eating and drinking, I like the variety and the all-inclusive food/drink, but again, I'm not sure if I want to be dining with other people. I guess I sound pretty unsociable, but I was thinking more about quiet dinners for two, at least for this week.

Is this common for *all* resorts or just Cancun, or just the ones you've been to, or what? I will definitely be doing some more research into this so I can be sure that I'm not tied into anything I don't want.