Subject: Re: Boston Logan Airport
I would still advise Paolo to try to walk between these terminals, rather than take the bus the long way around. As I remember, the buildings are connected.

Andrew St. Joseph, Missouri

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, alejandro balbo wrote:

> when you arrive, follow the signs all the way to the baggage claims. once
> you're in the big room where the luggage carroussels are, ask somebody
> (either the info desk inside or the cab/shuttle drivers that are just
> outside) for (a) the location of the shuttle stop; it should be within 50
> mt. and (b) which of the shuttles you must take. then you just wait for it
> and hop on, they come every 10 mins in my experience. the ride is free.
> when you get to the terminal you want, you'll still be in the lower level of
> the terminal (arrivals) so you may have to go upstairs to catch the next
> flight.