Subject: Re: Cathleen's trip!?!
I have never been to Cancun so I can't speak about that area, but I'm certain there are plenty of options for inclusive packages there. If a web search doesn't yield something obvious, contact a travel agent in your area where you can pick up some brochures and get information.

I did wonder today if a cruise might be a nice option for something that is inclusive, gives you a number of different ports of call, and offers opportunity for group or couple time. Going through the Panama Canal is an interesting trip and ships often make Acapulco a port of call after that. You could even take extra time there if you wanted and fly home seperately. I have only been on one cruise so I'm no expert in this area, but I think there are different types of ships that cater to different ages/styles/etc. A good travel agent should be able to decipher the different ones, if no one here knows.

I apologize if anyone took any of my comments to be snobbish. Different people like different things - everyone thinks they way they approach travel is best, otherwise they'd do it differently. It doesn't mean one way is right and one way is wrong. It just means people are different. And I'm not sure it is related to how much people have traveled, as much as it is just a personal choice. I know people who are *much* more well-traveled than I am who always prefer to go on group tours/packages. It was just never something that appealed to me - even on my first trip abroad. People are different... it's part of what makes the world an interesting place...