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Laurie, We take it that your US$65 equates to CAD 100 ($). On that basis, here are a few suggestions for restaurants in Vancouver: Japanese: Tojo's (You already have that): But it will likely come in at more than $100 Haru: 1221 Thurlow Street Chinese: Pink Pearl: 1132 East Hastings Sun Sui Wah: 3888 Main Street East Indian: Vij's: 1480 West 11th Avenue

Thai: Montri: 3629 West Broadway French: Provence: 4473 West 10th Avenue Cafe de Paris: 751 Denman Street Italian: Arriva: 1537 Commercial Drive Quattro on 4th: 2611 4th Avenue Greek: Kalamata Greek Taverna: 478 West Broadway Le Greque: 2041 West 4th Avenue Seafood: The Cannery: 2205 Commissioner Street Fish House in Stanley Park: 8901 Stanley Park Drive

For top of the line (i.e. more than your $ limit): Bishop's, La Lumiere, Diva at the Met, William Tell, C, Star Anise, Chartwell, Moustache Cafe, Piccolo Mondo, Il Giardino.

We hope this is of some use. Bon appetit. Jean and Howard

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If you could tell us what you are interested in seeing in Vancouver and what restaurants ( cuisine, price etc) appeal to you, we should be able to make some suggestions.

--Thanks very much. I don't think we need info on what to see, as my husband knows Vancouver rather well, but suggestions in restaurants wouldn't be bad. We like everything - we like food! As for price, I'd prefer something not too expensive - I guess no more than $65 U.S. for two.

Laurie in Mexico City