Subject: Re: 'Down under restaurant#34
Hi Marta and George, Thanks for the worst info I have ever gotten on the net. We will be in Lauderdale next month and had hoped to stop by the Down Under. Shucks, I wonder if Berns is still open in Tampa? Dan

George & Marta wrote:

> Sorry to say that 'Down Under' went down under.

> The same family owned 3 great places down here. The Down Under, Casa
> Vecchia and La Vielle Maison. Three different cuisines. All 4 star.

> Unfortunately, the only one still there is La Vielle Maison, in Boca
> Raton. Great french food! long wine list too!!

> In the Laud by the Sea area, I would go to The Black Orchid for beef
> (and specialties like venison, buffalo and kangaroo), or I agree with
> Lisa from Chicago, the Seawatch, for seafood .......IMHO

> Marta &George
> Sunrise FL