Subject: Re: Cathleen's trip!?!
At 05:12 PM 3/16/00 -0400, Deb Cole-Weber/Kurt Weber wrote:
>you. I fear we may be coming off as travel snobs who know how
> to have YOUR vacation better than you do.


It's really no problem, but I do so appreciate your... attention (?). I wasn't expecting so much information, but I do love it!

And truth be told... lol... you probably *do* know how to have my vacation better than I do! :) Seriously, I haven't been on a plane since I was 16, with my parents. My vacations since then have consisted of going wherever I could within driving distance on a long weekend.

I appreciate whatever help I can get and even if I don't use some of the suggestions for this trip, I'm sure it will come in handy on my next, which, ideally, will not be too long away.

You mentioned travel agents. Do you recommend working through one? I've never worked with one before and wasn't really sure what they do. (No offense to any travel agents on the list, I'm just inexperienced.) And I'll admit that I didn't even know that you didn't have to pay them until very recently.

>In fact, I
>personally know people who vacation in Cancun regularly, and they have never
>told me any stories at all about booze-centered group activities. I have heard
>about nice restaurants, good shops, pretty resorts, luxurious hotels, etc.

That is wonderful to hear. So then my only challenge left would be to do some research on which resort will provide the atmosphere we're looking for.

> You seemed to know what it was that you were looking for, and we seemed to
>tell you that you were actually looking for something else. I think this was
>arrogant, and I apologize for any part I may have played in this.

Don't worry - No problem at all!

I didn't get that feeling and in fact, if I recall correctly, my first message here said that Cancun was a possibility I had noticed, but that nothing was set in stone and we still hadn't decided on anything. The reason I'm starting to settle on Cancun is that I'm starting to worry a little because we're running out of time (we have the third week of May booked off), but other than $$$, that's the only limitation at the moment.

>Not everyone
>has the time or inclination to take a trip that calls for extensive planning
>and research.

I wish I could do this! Some friends of ours travelled across Europe on their honeymoon and planned every stop, made reservations in advance and did serious research on each place. I was really impressed, but I don't think I could do that. Hopefully eventually, though!