Subject: Re: Fares to Paris in August

I have never tried to book any airfares on the internet so I don't know if this applies or not. However, as are both over 62, we have been getting 10% off our tickets with US Carriers for several years now. Domestically and Internationally. I have checked fares domestically on DL, etc. and no where on that website can you get the 10%.

My usual recourse is my Travel Agent whom I use for everything--she has always beaten the price on anything I have found on the http://www. Sure, I can book on my own, but usually she is my timesaver, my lifesaver, and my blessing.

Back to the question--probably fares out of Cleveland would be more competitive if a drive to that city would be possible. However, that price sounds about right for hign season. We are paying about the same amount for a trip to Holand in May on a ticket we booked about 7 months ago (using a slightly higher priced ticket so we can upgrade with points), and that reflects 10% off as well.

Have the TA look at consolidators also. I would never do that on my own as they are sometimes difficult to deal with if a problem occurs. My TA has some consolidators that she has dealt with for years and the volume of business creates a special status.

Also, check the days they are flying--Friday, Saturday, and Sundays are higher in both directions, and this being a holiday weekend in the States may have something to do with the price. Staying longer might bring down the price of the ticket--but the cost of staying longer might make the overall cost higher.

Hope this helps.

Gretchen South Carolina