Subject: Re: Rome flea markets?

> From: teutonic turnip
> All this talk of Paris flea markets has me wondering
> if there are any good flea markets in Rome?

Well, about flea markets in Rome...... there are several. Some are in specific areas and once a week, but mostly non easy to find for tourists. A lot for food and some other stuff, in every area. The main one, as already said, is in Via Portuense, going out from Trastevere, and it is called Porta Portese. It goeas every Sunday morning. A couple of markets, inspired to this one, are at the border of the city, and took the same name. One, for example, is in Monte Mario, north side of the city (near where I live) and is pretty good. Another popular market is in Via Sannio, very close to the San Giovanni metro station. It is very famous for militar and camping stuff, used clothes (but also new) and a bit of everything. This one goes every day in the morning time. Ciao Flavio in Rome