Subject: Italy Flexi Rail Pass
Hello Larry: I have done both things. I bought a five day in a month flexipass on a trip when I had to travel back and forth between France and Italy. It was perfect because I saved on the segment from Paris to Rome, which was very long, stopped for the night in Torino, which I more or less explored and the next day, late in the afternoon, took another train to Rome; just like that, no need to buy anything, no reservations, like taking a bus! Then I used it twice in Italy: Rome to Ravenna and then to Florence.The last part was the trip back to Paris across northern Italy and Switzerland. It was perfect. Before we left USA we took out from the Public Library an Eurorail book which tells you the price of each separate segment and we figured out it made sense for us to buy the flexipass. But, on another trip, just to Italy, using the same book we realized it was much better to buy all the tickets in Italy. So, it depends on your itinerary. You'll have to do a little research on the prize of the segments. And now you don't even have to check out a book: there are many websites where you can find all the information. Have a wonderful trip! I love trains! Marta