Subject: Re: Flexi Pass
On 19 Mar 00, at 8:26, Larry Price wrote:
> My itinerary is
> NY --> Rome Florence
> Pisa - just saw on the news this morning about
> discovery of ships 2000 years old - hopefully some
> artifacts will be on display when I get there. SEE for a dedicate site with all informations and pictures of almost all artifacts. I know that presntly some of these artifacts ary on display at NY (or have just left)
> Venice Milan -->NY

> I will be traveling with one other person, so
> according to all the advice, my guess is its better
> - to wait till I get there to buy the ticket - its 15%
> less.
> - maybe buy the kilometric pass instead of the flexi
> pass. Third possibility: using oneway tickets you will pay about 75$ 2nd and 120$ 1st class inclusive of all reservations per person for thge whole trip (that are extra with flexy pass). Using km Pass is not feasible since you would use only 2/3 of it with this itinerary.

Leonardo Boselli