Subject: Re: Flexi Pass
The 3000 km price is 214000 Second and 340000 first that is about 110USD second and 175 first bought at the station. About comparision with PTP tickets: the km ticket does not include changes of fare for IC trains (included in flexy pass) neither reservations (Not included in any tourist pass). When I said that Roma-Firenze-Pisa-Firenze-Venezia-Milano would have costed you 78 USD i had added all supplements and reservations where reuired. Using a 3k km ticket for 2 people you would end paying about 335000 , that is more than 85 USD each one ... Consider anyway that the 3000km ticket is paid if you use it for at least 2500 km with any trips below 700 km ... If you use less than that, unless you use it for all trips below 200 km, you would waste your money (unless you can give it to a friend as suggested ...)