Subject: Re: Trip to Boston and New York area
Hi! We lived in the Boston area for 17 years and continue to visit there for our children and grandkids. It is not a city for driving around it is small and compact and best enjoyed on foot. Sites that i would recommend are the Freedom Trail. This follow the Pre and Revolutionary War era. On Boyleston st. are several churches including the church where mother goose is buried, as well as several Revolutionary War heroes. While in that era go up Charles st through the Boston Common to beacon Hill and see and beautiful and historic area, visit the swan boats across also. Follow Boyleston down to City Hall plaza and across to Fanueil Hall area. This is also very historic and a good place to snack in the marketplace. From there you have options. You can visit Chinatown, several good restaurants there, walk along the waterfront in Columbus park. I know that many people recommend the Italian restaurants in the North End [also a good walk to see Paul Revere house] I would recommend Mikes for pastry and avoid the restaurants. I am originally from New York City and have always found the restaurants just fair if best. Most are for the tourists and gentrified folk who now live in the North End. Twenty-five years ago these restaurants were more authentic. If you have a car and the time I would recommend two other sites to visit. One is the Lowell Ma. National tour of the old factories where the industrial revolution took place in the mid 19th cenntury. There is a boat trip involved good ethnic restaurants and a very interesting tour. The other tour I would recommend is going out to Lexington and Concord to see where the American Revolution began. Good museum run by the Masons there. On a nice day you can follow the actual battle. before I forget, if you can visit Harvard Sq. My favorite seafood restaurant in Boston is Legal Seafood, several locations, all excellent. enjoy your visit alan