Subject: Re: Trip to Boston and New York area
Dear Guillermo:

In Boston, if you desire to take a break from sightseeing and the weather is pretty, go down to the shore of the Charles River (runs right through the middle of the city)and rent kayaks for a nice, lazy paddle. Also, you can rent bikes and probably other types of boats.

With three extra days to travel in the area, there are many different types of places you could visit within a fairly short driving distance, ranging from seaside resorts to colonial towns filled with inns/B &Bs and quaint shops to more locations important in US history to hiking/outdoor activities in the woods &small mountains. Perhaps if you share some of your family's interests, we could give you some better ideas. April should be a warm days, cool nights, beautiful springtime month to visit the northeastern US (bring rain gear just in case).

Diana Ball Houston, TX