Subject: Trip to Boston

Thank you Susie , Diana and Alan for different messages with valuable recomendations.

In our family all kind of activities are covered: my wife and daughter spend a lot of time in museums, exhibitions and so on . I go in many cases with them , but I also like and enjoy with our son all kind of outdoor activities like hiking, bycicle ride and sports ( very fond of golfing both).

Then visiting colonial towns with their history and a nice place to stay overnight could be great . If you know any place that worth going, we will be very happy to go.

Also I got a question: do we have to get a hotel in downtown to visit Boston, or can we stay in some place not too far (and probably cheaper) and move during the day to downtown ?

In areas outside Boston, we feel we can stay at hotels on the road like we do normally in USA. Do you think there will be many people by April 18-23, or we can expect to have no problems ?

Again thank you for your messages, it's really nice to receive yr advises.

Guillermo Buenos Aires, Argentina