Subject: Re: Trip to Boston
Hi It is a difficult question to answer as I do not know your preferences. If you have a car, I would suggest visiting Concord and Lexington and to follow the trail 9of the battle there and visit the museum. More interesting areas with a car would be Salem. In Salem they held the Witch trials in the 17th century and hung about 11 people there as well as pressing one to death. There is several homes where the trials took place as well as where the prisoners where held and a Witches museum. There is also a weel known bookshop owned by a modern witch. Good restaurants esp seafood and motels. Another place to visit is Newburyport. It is a very authentic 18th-19 cent. village that has preserved much of the original housing. There is also Gloucester and Rockport. Rockport is touristy but interesting and a nice place to spend several hours. To get a taste of the area, I recommend any of the fish and seafood places along the way, either on Route 1 or Route 1A whichever way you go. 1A is longer and slower. The route you are following if you have a map of New England will lead you to New Hampshire and Maine. Maine is no more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Boston. If you stay in Boston you really don't need a car as the public transportation system is very good, even from the airport. Maybe rent a car for a couple of days.Oh! go to the Museum of Fine art, if you enjoy art museums. Excellent. Enjoy! If you want any more assistance just let me know. alan