Subject: Re: Spain- Pyrenees III
One forgotten thing, $$$ (sorry)

In Spain the B&B's are called Casas Rurales - All information bureaus have lists (some in English) and will call ahead for you if you want - Paradors are usually more expensive - around 80 and up for a night with breakfast and dinner extra. Nothing is very expensive by our standard and the tiny Riga in TregurÓ was $64.w/ dinner and breakfast with a tiny doublebedded room &bath - fine for us. On the French side, B&B's are much cheaper w/ table d'hote being the best way to go as you can talk with the family and other guests! If you need driving information, there are many sites on the net that will chart out routes for you. We have found Shell route planner and a French one (for France) to be good in Europe. Also, we buy the Michelin yellow maps and orange in Spain for driving and use the Series Bleu maps for hiking - a must in France for the most detail) and the Randonnee maps for Spain are more than adequate. They can be purchased in any Tobacs or Press stores in Spain or Tabacs or Libraries in France. Susie