Subject: Re: Tampa Restaurant Recommendations
Hi John, The new Marriott is really gorgeous. Parking in a dirt field is not so great though. I am rarely downtown so don't know much about the restaurants there but can strongly recommend the Colonnade which is on Bayshore Blvd. It might be walkable if the weather isn't too hot. It is across from the bay with a gorgeous view and the food is moderately priced and excellent. Bern's isn't too far and has very good food, an incredible wine list, and outstanding service, but it is quite a bit more expensive. I think it is worth the cost, though. Colonnade does not take reservations and can get crowded especially for the early bird specials for which Florida is so famous. At Berns you should have reservations.

The place I don't recommend in Tampa is the Columbia Restaurant. While famous I think it is very overrated.

Have a great visit! Janet Riverview, Florida