Subject: Questions on Travelling in Switzerland and more..
(1) Any ideas if the Swiss Pass includes, any means of transportation from the zurich airport to some central place?? If so what is it, what should be take. (2) My mother will be taking a train from Frankfurt Main ( Hbf) so which station in Zurich should she get off at, or does Zurich have only one main train station? (3) My Brother and myself, we are flying into Zurich (almost 3 hours apart), and we have to meet our mother who is taking the train from Frankfurt to Zurich, What would be a good place (centrally located, famous, and convinient for all of us to get together) ,Keep in mind it is our first time in switzerland, we don#t know the language, and so needs to be a famous place that we can get to easily. would prefer a Cafe, or something so the person who gets there early can wait. (4) How big are the lockers on the train station and what do they charge to keep the luggage for half a day??