Subject: Re: Questions on Travelling in Switzerland and more..
Hi Koshambi,

> (1) Any ideas if the Swiss Pass includes, any means of transportation from
> the zurich airport to some central place?? If so what is it, what should be
> take.

There is a train which runs frequently from the Zurich airport to the Zurich main station (haupbahnhof=main station), which is included on the Swiss Pass. There are ticket booths conveniently located just before the escalators that lead to the train platforms. There is also a railway information office just around the bend from the ticket office.

> (2) My mother will be taking a train from Frankfurt Main ( Hbf) so which
> station in Zurich should she get off at, or does zuirch have only one main
> train station?

Assuming that you want to meet right downtown, the Zurich main station would be the right one.

> (3) My Brother and myself, we are flying into Zurich ( almost 3 hours
> apart), and we have to meet our mother who is taking the train from
> Frankfurt to Zurich, What would be a good place ( centrally located,famous,
> and convinient for all of us to get together) ,Keep in mind it is our first
> time in switzerland, we dont know the language, and so needs to be a famous
> place that we can get to easily. would prefer a Cafe, or something so the
> person who gets there early can wait.

Depending upon the length of time between airport arrivals, you might choose to spend a bit of time checking out the shops in the airport train station before boarding your train for the 12 minute ride to Zurich.

The Zurich main station is not a bad choice as a meeting place. Whatever the weather you'd be protected, there are washrooms, shops, banks, snack bars plus a railway office where you'd be able to get whatever info you might need. You could cross the street and stroll along the beautiful Bahnhofstrasse (railroad station street) for some fresh air and return to wait right at the start of the track where your mother is scheduled to arrive from Frankfurt. Perhaps another Ziner might suggest a suitable meeting place in the station for you and your brother.

> (4) How big are the lockers on the train station and what do they charge
> to keep the luggage for half a day??

The lockers are various sizes and I do not know how much they charge. Do PACK LIGHT and encourage your mother and brother to do the same. It will minimize the hassle and add to your enjoyment in traveling by train.

Hope that helps a bit - others will add to what I've said no doubt.

Regards, Linda Toronto