Subject: Zurich train station

The only place that I am familiar with in Zurich - other than the store that sells chocolate bars of all types - is the station.

There is only one main train station in Zurich, but there is a smaller station at the airport also. It is a very short trip, and if your rail pass doesn't cover it, it only costs about $5 US. There are several bars/restaurants on the street level floor of the station in town. As you face the tracks, there is a German restaurant on your right. You could probably use that as your meeting place. Seems like there is another restaurant on the left also. Haven't eaten there, so I don't know what they serve. If you have a wait, there is lots to see and do in the station, and in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, I don't know about lockers for luggage, but I would guess that there is a place to leave luggage like most other European train stations have.

Callie in New Orleans