Subject: Italy trip
Hi, My name is Ken and I just recently joined your group. Don and Linda suggested that I post a little of my travel history and then ask the group for input on my next trip, so here I go!

My travels have taken me to the Caribbean,both east and west, Mexico,South America, Falkland Islands, Australia, French Polynesia,Yap, Fiji, Cook Islands, Palau, Guam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong,Thailand,Singapore, Russia, Scanadanvian countries, Spain, England, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, most of the USA including Hawaii, Seychelle Islands and East Africa. I consider myself to be an advanced photograper and create major albums of our travels. We both love good food and look forward to new experiences.

My wife and I live in southern California and look forward to future travels, time and money permitting.

We are planning a trip to Italy in June for 3 weeks and would appreciate hearing from those of you that have travel tips perinent to Italy as well as suggestions on my questions.

We are starting in Rome for 4 nights then by train to Florence for 5 nights and picking up a car on our last day in Florence and off to the reviera for 4 nights staying in Portovenere. I am concerned that this maybe too long here and would appreciate comments. After the reveria we will drive to Bellagio in the lakes area for 3 nights. We have scheduled our stay in the Villa Serbelloni but have concerns that by staying here it will be difficult to drive around the other lakes and also that the Serbelloni may be too formal etc. Comments please. After this plan to drop the car in Milan and catch a train to Venice and stay there for 4 nights before heading home from there.

Have read a little about the train system and would like to hear of your experiences and suggestions.

I look forward to your input. Ken