Subject: Re: Italy trip
I took trains all over Italy for over 3 weeks - they were great! I traveled 2nd class - the only time it was bad was from Assissi to Rome. The train was very crowded and I had to stand the whole way. I found the schedules easy to follow. Twice I got on the wrong train - the first time was when I arrived in Milan and was headed to Padua (where I stayed instead of staying in Venice). I realized it when they started calling the towns - I explained to the conductor and he got out his schedule and gave me instructions on how to get back. The second time was in Rome - my niece and I got off at the wrong station. We asked a guard there where we should go - he walked us back to the train and explained to the conductor that we had gone to the wrong station. They let us get back on free and the conductor made sure we got off at the right stop.

Also most of the window people knew English, but those that didn't, I was able to communicate by writing down where I wanted to go.