Subject: Ken's Italy Trip
I agree, I want to go too...........George & I wont take too much room We will carry luggage and help with the driving too!!!

Ken, it sounds like you have a great trip planned already and just need some reassurance. You are staying in just four places which is great, and I assume you plan to do side trips from there.

Except Florence, where you could probably stay the entire three weeks and love every minute of it.

Bellagio is a great place to use as a base in the lakes. We found it to be centrally located and easy to go from place to place. Spend some time walking in Bellagio proper too... The cobblestone streets and interesting shops made it worthwhile. We tripped over Tony's cellar, where we did a wine tasting Bellagio style, and it was a memorable meeting.

Acoss the lake , I think in Mennagio, is Carlotta's place. A wonderful wedding present to Carlotta in the 1800's . The grounds are magnificent, specially in spring when everything seems to be in bloom, as is some of the art and sculpture. Its easy enough to travel the lakes with a good map or go further into Lugano or even St Moritz, Switzerland.

Wherever you go, you have picked some of the better known and beautiful places in Italy. Have a cup of chocolate or a glass of sherry at Florian's in Venice for me.... Enjoy!!

We'll be in Greece in 9 weeks ( who's counting) but, we're already planning another Italy visit in spring 2001..Florence for sure!!

Marta & George in Sunrise FL