Subject: Re: Italian train reservations
On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Callie Black wrote:
> There are very few times that you will really need train reservations in
> Italy. If you get first class tickets, you could never need
> reservations, unless you are traveling on Easter weekend. Some trains Another hint: if you cannot make reservation you can try this way: Buy a standard fare ticket (2nd class express train), then ask the conductor if there are free places with the kind of accomodation you want, if these are not available but there are other in the train he/she will let you pay che tariff complement without any surcharge.
> I have had different prices quoted to me by different travel agents for
> the same trip. I have used American Express offices in Florence and
> Venice, and smaller agencies in other cities. American Express has been
> less expensive than other agencies in Venice. I'm not sure, but I think Price should be the same: small agencies try to cheat foreigners, employees in a large agency such AX do not have any reason to ask illegally higher prices ....
> if you are making reservations, you need to have a ticket. YES

Leonardo Bosselli Firenze, Italy