Subject: Re: Re: Charles DeGaulle Airport Connection
<< Did you actually go to Terminal B and go thru customs or was this a suggestion? I ask because I have never seen an airport that lets you leave the arrival terminal before clearing passport control >>

We did not through CUSTOMS -- We DID leave the bldg., take the bus as I said and breezed through only Passport Control -- There is a big distinction between Customs and Passport Control. I will try in again this fall when we will be at Charles DeGaulle coming from the USA and tranferring to another flight.

Just go downstairs when you enter the terminal, take the bus to Terminal B* and when you enter the bldg (turn left - I think) and it's easy - After you go through Passport Control, turn right and walk bak to Terminal D - this was what we were instructed to do to get through quickly (by the ground information person at Air France) and it worked... once - I will report if it works again after our trip in the fall. Good luck

* You might check if Terminal B still has a Passport Control check-point when you go. They might change stations -

Susie - Newton MA