Subject: Re: The Parker Company Catalog--Italian rentals

> Do you have websites and/or contact information
> for the two agencies you mentioned

Hi Debbie, and Pat,

The websites are: for Terre Toscane. This is the agency I used to rent our house in Montepulciano and was very pleased with them. They also will send you a catalog for free if you request it.

The other is: for Vacanza in Italia. They are based out of Britian and will also send a catalog for free. They have a US affliliate in Elkton, VA who is the local contact. Very reasonable prices.

As far as quality goes, I just look for the basics. No dishwasher, microwave, pool etc. This really increases the price. I figure I am not going to be at the place all of the time and I am on vacation to get away, not have all the stuff I have at home. Our 11 day rental in Montepulciano was only about $325.00. After the cost of heating it was $425.00. Averages out to 40.00 a day and you can't beat that. It was a nice place..... Papa left homemade Vino Rosso on our doorstep each night... My daughter got an egg from the chickens. You can't beat these experiences. More on the Tuscan itinerary later.

Take care.

Leslie Virginia, USA