Subject: Passport controls in the EU

>This suggestion leads me to ask: Under the Schengen agreement opening the
>borders between most European Union countries, would a passenger connecting in
>Paris when flying from the U.S. to Italy clear passport control in Paris?

Andrew, I wish to underline two important things: a) the Customs at any entry point of the EU do clear the incoming passengers for the whole European Community; that means you don't need to go through Customs anymore if you arrive with an intra-EU flight at your final destination; b) the Schengen agreement is only partly in use; if you travel in Europe by car you won't find any border police control, but at the airports your passport will be checked at any boarding. I'm an EU citizen and traveled a lot by air through Europe during last two years and my passport has been checked everywhere, from departure airport to transit and destination. I guess airport security requires this kind of scrutiny.

Bye Paolo