Subject: Re: Re: Charles DeGaulle Airport Connection
Dear Charles

Customs IS NOT Passport Control. First: You must go through Passport Control just to check your passport. After you get your baggage -- then you go through customs, maybe. -- We have, for the past 4 yrs, never gone through customs in Paris -as we are always heading onward to other destinations in France where we collect our checked baggage from the US - We just go through Passport Control - transfer to another plane and go to other places in France where we collect our luggage. (We have NEVER had to go through Customs in France with our baggage as far as I can recall.) Certainly, we never had our baggage checked in Toulouse, Pau or in Corsica) I hope this clears things up a bit.

My hint was just for getting through Passport Control a bit faster and easier... (Customs is for returning to the US where baggage is sometimes checked. Good luck - Susie