Subject: Change of plans - Hawaii
Hi everyone,

If you recall, I'm the one that has a vacation coming up in May and was asking for advice, partially on all-inclusives in Cancun. Well... I've been pretty embarassed to write, since so many of you were SO helpful in providing advice and URL's about Cancun, but I figure that I should first say thanks to everyone for the help and say that Cancun is definitely a destination for the future, but as for the May vacation, there's been a change of plans:


We just found out that my BIL has some airmiles expiring soon (too many for him to use), which means our flight is free. We wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise - and it's still probably going to be a stretch on the budget.

We are flying into Honolulu and will spend a few days there and then fly to Maui and spend the remainder of the time there. Eleven days in all, including a whole *lot* of time in the air.

I was there at age 14 with my parents, but don't remember much. We've purchased a Fodor's guide but since we only found out on the weekend that this is a go, we haven't done much else yet.

Well wish me luck. lol... don't want my lack of experience as a traveller to ruin my one chance at Hawaii. :)