Subject: San Gimignano
We agree with both postings! San Gimigano has provided the backdrop for numerious memorable film projects: Brother Sun Sister Moon (the biopic of St. Francis of Assisi), Queen of Hearts a touching British romantic comedy, and most receintly Tea With M. Once, most of the Tuscan Hill towns were filled with the towers, of which San Gimigano is renown. And, although overrun by tour busses and tourists from all over the world - causeing the crass commercialism that has been mentioned - it still preserves a history that is quite unique. If you have the option - the best way to see this classic hill town is to stay overnight in one of their small but charming Hotels. Nothing can match the experience of watching the sunset over the surrounding vinyards as the swarming tourists depart... and you are left alone in this living and breathing slice of history. Following a delightful dinner of Roasted Chicken Breast served with a flaming sprig of Sage... and accompained by a bottle of their lovely local white wine... take to the winding streets. A leisurely stroll through then narrow lanes will treat you with music and melodic voices drifting out of the open windows. As the scents of their evening meals fill your nostrils... you can imagine that you are transported back hundreds of years... to the time of Leornardo... or one of your choosing. During the night, a peak out your hotel window can impress a picture into your memory... of moonlight and starlight upon the gently rolling hills of that will stay with you forever.

Volterra is also a treasure...but for different reasons. It is a larger but equallly ancient Hill Town... with lovely streets filled with unexpected surprizes. While San Gimignano is filled with tourist memoribilla (often made in China or somewhere else) Volterra is the center of the alabaster trade. You will find exceptional craftsmanship and value among their alabaster artisans that populate the streets. And, if you are lucky, you may even come across one of the mosaic craftsmen - who will have a collection of lifelike... you will swear that the eyes of the mosaic follow you! If so, follow your heart, and take one of these rare treasures home with you so that your memory of this trip will be triggered each time you gaze upon your purchase. That's our opinion.

Roy &Wanda Faires