Subject: Austria, Vienna
I lived and worked in Vienna 6 years ago, and afterwards I have come back a few times. I have friends there, and I love that city. My last time was just before Christmas, for a week. I wrote a travelogue and post it to the Travelzine, so you might be able to find it if you search for Vienna or Wien. A couple of things: 1._ In which Bezirk (district) do you live? 2._ Have you thought about joining a german language class? The VHS in each district usually runs very cheap language classes (not only language), and it is a good way of meeting people. 3._ Now the ice-cream season is beginning. Try all of them, Schwedenplatz, Hohe Markt, Tichy at Reumannplatz in Favoriten are quite good also. 4._ After the first of May, the open-air swimming pools are open. I like specially the one in Krapfenwald, up the Vienna Woods. Fantastic views over the city. 5._ I have never been in one of those cruises, I find them a bit expensive, but if you like them... A nice day trip, when the weather is fine, is to get the train up to Krems in the Wachau, by the Donau. At the train station you can rent a bike and cycle along the river uo to Drnstein (Richard Coeur de Lion was imprisoned in its castle, and you can climb up to the ruins). If you are a keen cyclist, you could go to Melk, and from there cycle down into Krems (nice little town).

Regards Covadonga Bilbao