Subject: Hotel in Rome
I have written down a couple of restaurants I liked the last time I went to Rome (already two years, must get back and soon), but I really appreciate any help.

--Spaghetteria l'Archetto, on Via l'Archetto (right downtown, near the Trevi Fountain): 100 different kinds of pasta to choose from, at least 30 different kinds of pizza. Frequented by both tourists and locals alike. Closed Mondays.

--Otello (in Trastevere, around the corner from Pasquino's, the English-language cinema): they have a wonderful vegetal antipasto (typical in Rome), and a very large selection. Great food. Closed Wednesdays

--La Bomboniera, on Via Albano (near the Colli Albani metro station): You don't order, you just sit down and they start bringing food. They have anywhere from 25-40 different kinds of pasta and rice, and they bring you a taste (about 2 spoonfuls per person) of each kind, until you say stop! Some are pastas with herbs, some with vegetables, some with fish...and even some with fruit! (lemon sauce, coconut sauce, strawberry sauce...!). Closed Tuesdays.

Laurie Mexico City (formerly of Rome)