Subject: Honeymoon in Italy
Try and visit the Southern part - at least the Amalfi Coast and Capri are a must! Florence and Venice are very small, so you can visit them in a short time (unless you want to see all the museums! I'd say a couple of days are enough for each of them). Milan is bigger, but doesn't have much to see, so one day is more than enough (see the Duomo). Spend 4 or 5 days in Rome and about the same in the Neapolitan area.

The stars rating for hotels is good, but you can often find one or two stars hotels that are very nice, clean and cheap. For example, a friend of mine stayed in Florence in a one star hotel 2 days ago, and it was very pretty. The one star was not for the quality, but because it is a family runned - 7 rooms place! Anyways, it depends by your budget, since prices in Italy (especially in Rome, Florence and Venice) can be very high!

Italian railway is well extended and works fine. You can travel better by train than by car. The problem though, would be just in finding parkings in Rome and Florence, while you can't go to Venice by car. I think trains will also be cheaper.

Speaking some Italian is cool and will help you, but don't worry, you can manage with English almost everywhere, and even if people don't speak English they will do their best to understand you and help you.

Flavio Rome