Subject: VIENNA discussion part... 6?
I know of a couple of friends who have diplomatic status, and none of them have said anything about the black market thing, so that might be over with, maybe.

I live in the 22 district, on Kaisermhlen, about half of a kilometer from the U.N. building, I think this island is the best place to live, but i doubt other people would agree, everyone has their own opinion (smile).

One thing I noticed (and Covadonga you may disagree with me on this), prices here go from unbelievably stupid high to freaking unbelievably low, so when you balance everything out price-wise the cost of living is about how it is in America, really. I was stunned when i found out how low my rent was (my wife has had this apartment for years), and the cost of groceries at Zielpunkt, and Billa (two store chains) are pretty great, far less than I paid in America, but there is one place to be aware of Juluis Meinl (Pronounced Ulius Mindle) that can be a little more pricy.

Covadonga I really should explore Vienna more, I keep hearing about the other districts, like the 19th, 10th, and so on, and I just haven't made time, probably to my great loss also... sniff sniff

Lisa, when you get here make sure you take a German class, or visit a university (international) that way you can make some friends, you'll need them, cause the social life here is a bit different from that in America. Everything closes early, and don't think you can go shopping on the weekend, nope, everything is close from saturday at noon until monday morning, really.