Subject: Re: Pickpockets Italy
Since pickpockets seem to be a significant problem in Italy I wonder if any Ziner has habitually carried a stout cane or furled umbrella (with pointed end) or any other device which made it clear that he (or she) would not tolerate being victimized.

Correct me if I'm reaching the wrong conclusion but it would appear that the Italian authorities are content with having foreign tourists robbed since they must surely have the means to control such crime. What has been the experience of tourists when they report their loss to the police? Do the Carabinieri and the local plod react the same or do the federal police take more interest than the city cops?

Finally, are tourists permitted to carry pepper-spray or other defensive tools or has Italy followed the lead of the Blair government in Britain and so restricted the options of the civilian population (tourists and native) that it is totally at the mercy of the criminal element?

Norm in Oregon