Subject: Re: Pickpockets Italy
You are right when you say there are pickpockets in Italy (but just in cities, especially Rome, Milan, Naples), but I'd say other big cities also have them. You will just have to be careful when you walk in a crowded street (i.e. S.Peters Square) or catch a crowded bus. Keep your wallet on a safe place and your camera in front of you. Too many times tourists have their wallet on the back pocket of very large pants, so they don't realize when robbed. There is no danger if you care enough. BTW, beware of gypsies, especially if with bags or babies!

> I don't think Italy has a monopoly on pickpockets by any means.
> There are plenty of them all over the world.

Thanks Patsy, I don't understand why everybody is so scared about Italy on this topics, while it's the same everywhere. Just take care: I take the metro and central buses everyday, stay with over 100 people in that small space and have never been robbed, just because I take care. Do the same and you won't have any problem!

Good luck Flavio in Rome