Subject: Re: Pickpockets Italy
I was warned several times about pickpockets - I didn't have any problems, even though I carried my bag on my shoulder. Only once did I get caught off guard - in Venice I put my hand in my purse to get my camera on a crowded boat and found there was already a hand there! I hit it and the guy took off. Usually I avoid wall-to-wall crowds - I think that's where much of the danger is - especially in the more touristy areas where you may be distracted.

A friend of mine was in Rome with his parents, a mother with a baby came up asking for money and while my friend's mom was talking to the baby, the woman's 10 year old son took cash and passports from her bag. Luckily, a woman passing by saw the boy and grabbed him.

I think in general if you stay alert, you'll be safe.