Subject: Pickpockets anywhere and everywhere
Hi to all,

Regarding pickpockets.....

We have traveled places where we were guaranteed to be robbed--or worse. Yes, some were robbed, pickpocketed--if this is a real word. Some followed the advice of the ones who had been there before, and some did not.

Examples of what happened--a woman who had long hair was carrying her camera over her shoulder when it was grabbed, along with her hair, and dragged along the street. Some of the younger members of our group were on motor scooters with guides and were separated and robbed. Some went to sleep in a compartment on an Italian train and woke up to find the camera missing, some found their pocket picked and as they removed the offending hand, the money belt was invaded. Some found counterfitters asking for change for a bogus $20 bill in the darkness of a cab in the evening.

On the other had, over 500 of us were not robbed, molested, or otherwise violated. It depends on where you are, when you are there, and who is also there.

For the ladies--wear your neck pouch under all your clothes--yes, it is hard to get to, but your valuables will be safe from pickpockets. Keep enough cash for a day's needs in a handy pouch in front of you. For the men--keep some money handy, and keep the rest in a hidden wallet.

For everyone--don't leave anything of value in the hotel room. Often one room key will open many more doors than yours--its true.

Beware, be careful, and have a good time.