Subject: Re: Re: Prague Internet Cafe
Hi Barb,

When you enter a Cyber Cafe the people who run it know what you need. If you don't speak the language, no problem--they will seat you and find the proper site for you. They will understand the internet language--World wide web, Netscape, AOL--whatever. We sometimes found such places on the opening screen--take your choice. We also went in with a floppy disk and they knew we wanted to put the message on the email. If it comes up wrong--just get the boss and help is immediate.

We were able to communicate via email in Japan, China, Mayaysia, India, Turkey, Croatia, Vietnam, and Morocco.

The biggest problem in some countries was the different keyboard--so some of my emails from Turkey were a bit difficult to read at times--all the i s were ys and I could never find the comma or some other important item.

The first time we walked into one was in Canada a few years ago and that was the worst of all--we did not know what to do, and we spoke the language! After that, it was a piece of cake!