Subject: RE: Re: Prague Internet Cafe
I used cybercafes in a road trip across South America. My Spanish is terrible, my Portugeuse worse. I simply walked in and said, Internet. In every case, someone pointed where to sit and I was on the Net without a problem. I use EudoraMail account to access my Pop box and it worked just fine. I was embarrassed in Cusco, Peru when after 20 minutes use to read and reply to emails, the cafe charged me one Sol. That was only 33 cents US, so I gave the fellow there another 2 Sols. He did not want to take it, but I told him in my best Spanish (which is still terrible) that his service was very good and to consider the other 67 cents a tip. He thanked me very much, but I got a good deal for a US dollar. In Manaus, Brazil the rate was $15 USD per hour no matter how much of the hour you used. I left no tip there.