Subject: Buying/Selling a Vehicle
Hi All,

This is my first post, but I have been reading your messages with interest. I'm 25 and live in New Zealand. On May the 20th me &my boyfriend are off on our first major overseas trip (Australia doesn't really count ...) to Canada and Britian/Europe.

Our itinerary goes something like this... Honolulu for 1 day, Vancounver for 4 days, fly to London, England and Ireland for about 2 weeks, Europe (inc Scandi) for 1.5 months, more of England and Scotland for about 2 weeks, 2 weeks in Montreal, 4 days in Fiji.

There's heaps of stuff that you could help me with, but for now, I have a question about transport. Has anyone had any experience with buying a car or van in London, and selling it again later? My preference would be for buying a van such as a VW van from a garunteed buy-back place. Does anyone have any idea of how much the initial outlay would be, and how much we would likely get back later? Any suggestions of pros/cons on this idea? I'm open to all opinions!

Thanks heaps for you help! Raewyn Auckland, New Zealand