Subject: pickpockets in Italy
hello from London

I thoroughly agree with Paolo on this subject. It does not seem to matter which country you are in when travelling. We all must be vigilant. In London we have a debate raging about agressive begging by groups of Roma. They are on the tube stations and in the main shopping streets here. We have met them in Rome, Florence and Paris and most recently in Nimes. we made a lot of noise and were quite sure they knew that we were not to be trifled with!. It is a shame that such problems exist in Europe, but one of my greatest fears is when I visit the USA I might meet a mugger with a gun who is prepared to shoot me for money. I have no recourse for a man with a gun. At least in Europe I may be robbed but I will still be alive . that may not be the case with a desperado in Florida or New York!