Subject: Re: Re: Prague Internet Cafe
Barb -

It was extremely easy (and inexpensive) in Prague to get internet access. I used the second place listed in my original message (since it was near my hotel) but the first place near the Charles Bridge is easier to find and centrally located.

You basically just go in and ask for a PC. They give you a number and you go to that numbered PC. A browser was all I used, so its best to make sure your email is browser based. If it isn't I suggest opening a free Yahoo or other email account. You pay by the amount of time you sit at the PC.

Everyone understands some English so knowing Czech is not a necessity, although you will learn some words just from riding their subway system. By the way, I definitely suggest buying one of the weekly or daily subway passes. And do not miss the Jewish section and Old Cemetary in that city.