Subject: Re: Reply to Deb about Planning Trips
Hi! I also plan my own trips. starting around March and getting geared up about July. We always travel late Sept. or Oct. My wife works for one of the major airlines so we always fly standby. This adds to the stress as we never know where we are flying out of and where we may have to stop over and change planes to get to our final destination. The same with returns. I agree with yoiu, today I spent about an hour in a bokstore to see which is the better guidebook to Turkey. This is our current plan, but I never know until about April. It's fun to contact the tourist office, make the car arrangement,[yes we drive all over Europe], buy a new map and guidebook. I also use the Fodors forum, which I find helpfull unlike the lonely planet site. I can understand the excitement, the trip seems anticlimatic at times. alan