Subject: pickpockets in Europe
This is the first time I have tried to post so I hope I am doing it correctly. We have encountered gypsy pickpockets in Barcelona and Rome and find that they come around when you have your money out to make a transaction, such as getting on an airport bus or buying subway tickets. You are in line and cannot move away as you could on the street. We saw a couple robbed right in front of us when we were already sitting on the bus and could do nothing. What we did find was that total strangers would warn one another, which was a help. Other than that, I would recommend having only money out for that particular transaction would be best (no open wallet). Stash your change later. Also. with two traveling together, one can watch while the other does the work. Also, for the men--get used to the fact that gypsy women will be openly nursing their babies to distract you (and I do mean openly). It's important to be vigilant but don't become obsessive about it. Regards, Elizabeth