Subject: Nancy's request for help
Dear Nancy, Welcome to The Travelzine and welcome to cyber space. To send messages to the Travelzine, just do as you have done. Your message below was received by everyone. One thing you might want to do is change the subject header, as your message was labelled with the subject header concerning the Virus and the message it was attatched to. There is some good advice about subject headers in the OneList files for TheTravelzine, written by Don and Linda. You might want to reread that introductory material. You might want to use the destination of your May trip as your subject header. I find that mentioning a destination in the subject header always gets me at least a few responses.

It is best to address all messages that are of common interest, including answers to and comments upon all travel questions, to The Travelzine. If you have something that you would like to share privately with a member, you can find their e-mail address at the top of their message. The reason we belong to a newsgroup is to share travel related comments, but some of us correspond privately through e-mail. I have received and sent e-mails directly to Travelzine members, and have been rewarded with some wonderful correspondence. I hope this helps. Debbie