Subject: Request for info on Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal
My husband and I will be travelling to Toronto on May 23 to spend three weeks with our daughter. We are hoping to rent a car in early June and drive to Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal. We'll be staying with friends in Ottawa, but would appreciate any suggestions for good (reasonable) restaurants in these cities, plus reasonable places to stay in Quebec City and Montreal. We don't mind being out of the city centers and we enjoy Bed and Breakfast places.

Also, we are planning a return visit to India in December and January (we were there in 1997) and would be interested to hear from anyone who has been there in the last couple of years. We shall probably be spending most of our time in Southern India and so plan to fly into and out of Madras. We would particularly like information on Goa (i.e. places to stay and sites to visit). We are hoping to take the new railway line from Kerala north to Goa. Has anyone on the list done this trip yet?

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC