Subject: Re: Request for info on Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal
Hi Ann,

I have been waiting for someone to ask about Toronto, since this is really the only place I can offer any advice on and I so want to be a helpful member of the group. This is the closest I've seen yet, so it got my attention. Alas, you aren't even asking about Toronto. :)

>We'll be staying with friends in Ottawa, but would appreciate any
>suggestions for good (reasonable) restaurants in these cities,

Ottawa is a great place. I've been there a few times in the past several years and always enjoy it. If I didn't have so many ties here, I'd seriously consider moving there.

As far as everyday restaurants go, we've always had good luck just wandering around the Byward Market area and trying out whichever place looks interesting.

I hope you get some more detailed responses to your questions.