Subject: Honeymoon in Northern Italy
Sean and Jennifer

This sounds like a very ambitious trip - were you planning on driving or taking trains? My husband and I were in Italy last fall, landed in Milan and then boarded a plane to Venice. After 5 days (could have stayed more) we took a train (if you're lucky you'll get one that only takes 2.5 hours) to Florence for 4 days (again, we could have stayed longer). In Venice we stayed at the Do Pozi which is near San Marco (tel 041/5207855, fax 041/5229413) and we have friends who love the Penzione Accademia tel 041/5237846, fax 041/5239152). In Florence we stayed at the Hotel Splendor (tel 055/483427, fax 055/461276).

We were fortunate to be in Italy for almost 3 weeks, and addition to Venice and Florence went to the Cinque Terre and stayed outside of San Gimignano and took day trips around Tuscany. I'm glad we didn't move around alot, but obviously that's just our preference. We were enchanted by Venice and although I didn't expect like to like Florence, I really did. No matter where you go you'll have a great time.

I don't know where you're flying from, but one thing that really helped were some over the counter pills called No Jet Lag - they really worked. Have fun and congrats!