Subject: RE: Overnight trains in Europe--how safe?
Hello and welcome to the list. Overnight trains are usually safe but you need to care about a few things. I've travelled a lot on overnight couchettes and never had trouble, but some routes are better than ones. The 2nd class has six beds in each berth, and it's usually odd to be alone. I'd suggest to book the upper beds, which have more space on the roof and can't be easily reached from a thief. Ensure the door is locked from inside, store your luggage with the openings facing the walls and take your valuables into your bed as far as possible from the edge.

Paolo gave good advice about travelling in couchettes. I'd like to add one thing: I travelled around with a sheet sleeping bag (i.e. a sheet which is sewn up on both sides, and you crawl into it like a sleeping bag) and used it when travelling on couchettes. I would put my camera in the sheet sleeping bag so that it could not be easily stolen (and I slept with a money belt for my money and passport).

Laurie in Mexico City